Maramec Spring Park is privately owned & operated by The James Foundation.

Maramec Spring Park

Fishing - Missouri Department of Conservation

Trout Fishing at Maramec Spring Park, St. James MO

Once you go fishing at Maramec Springs, you’ll keep coming back! Our beautiful spring is filled with rainbow trout, stocked daily by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Trout season starts March 1st until October 31. Catch and Release Fishing runs from November through February. Hours are listed below.

A Missouri Fishing Permit and a Daily Trout Tag are required to fish. Don’t have one? Buy tags, licenses, and fishing supplies at The Company Store, located at the park entrance. For your convenience there are also fish cleaning stations at the park.

We have special fishing days for children, women, veterans and more! See the event page to learn more.

Fishing Permit Fees

To Fish In Maramec Spring Park You Need
A Valid Fishing Permit
And A Daily Trout Tag

Annual Missouri Fishing Permit: Resident  $12.00, Nonresident $49.00
Daily Fishing Permit: Resident, Nonresident, Adult and Youth, Price $8.00

Purchase Fishing Permits Online

Daily trout tag:  $5 for adults,  $3 for anglers 15 and younger.

The Daily Trout Tag must be purchased at the park reception building.


A separate trout permit is required to retain trout in the Meramec River

Visit the Missouri Department of Conservation website here.

Fishing Hours at Maramec Spring Park

Month Open Close
8:00am CST
4:00pm CST
6:30am CST/7:30am CDT
6:00pm CST/7:00pm CDT
7:00am CDT
7:30pm CDT
6:30am CDT
8:15pm CDT
June & July
6:30am CDT
8:30pm CDT
7:00am CDT
8:00pm CDT
7:30am CDT
7:15pm CDT
7:30am CDT
6:30pm CDT
November & December
8:00am CDT
4:00pm CST

Meramec Spring Trout Park Fishing Map

Meramec Spring Trout Park fishing map.
Click to download a .pdf to print or save to your phone.

Fishing Related FAQ’s

The number of fish that are stocked is different each day. The amounts stocked are posted on the Maramec Spring Trout Fishing Facebook page or posted at the end of the fishing day in the reception building.

A tag is required for parks where trout is manually stocked daily.

A trout must be a minimum of 18 inches or 3lbs to be classified as a lunker.

Yes You can purchase a fishing permit here.  To fish in the park you still need a Daily Trout Tag that con only be purchased in the park

Most of the fish you will catch in the park are rainbow trout. There is no size limit on rainbow trout. You may catch a brown trout. To keep brown trout, the fish must be 15 inches or larger. Other common fish include small mouth bass, large mouth bass, goggle-eye, and sucker. All other fish must meet size and number limits for the Mearamec River and its tributaries.

The Reception Building/Store does not offer any rental fishing equipment