Maramec Spring Park is privately owned & operated by The James Foundation.

Maramec Spring Park

Maramec vs. Meramec

The correct spelling of the name is Maramec with an “a,” while the more noticeably used spelling in surrounding areas and attractions is Meramec with an “e.” This variation in spelling originated as a “local corruption” and was later adopted by the government as the official spelling. In a telegram dated May 8th, 1934, Lucy Wortham James expressed her desire to maintain the original and correct spelling, Maramec, which her family had always used.

“…Maramec is the original & correct spelling, & that Meramec is a local corruption taken up by the Gov’t; just as a local stream La Bourbeuse is called the Burbas. There is no question that Maramec Spring & Maramec property & Maramec Farms is correct as the family has always held to the original word. Before the Civil War it was the Maramec Iron Works, & the incorporated company from which I rec’d title was the Maramec Spring Park Company. Just before leaving N.Y. I was looking over the deeds to try to find a date. I did not go later than the forties, when the Government spelled the River Maramec & referred to the Spring as “the Great Source”. I have seen, & I think there is at home, an old map where the whole river is spelled Maramec.”

Lucy’s efforts aimed to preserve the original spelling, as evident in the name of the park, Maramec Spring Park.